Beautiful Phone Holder


Phone Support in many shapes and sizes to suit almost any piece of electronic equipment. All seem to use the same closure. The mobile phone case comes with a small case. The cord and carabiner weighs 2.4 ounces and is 4 by 6 inches in size. The weld seams material and appear strong and durable. The phone holder is a convenient way to carry your cell phone and other necessities when you do not need or want a large handbag. The pouch is made of a quilted fabric that is like that which would be used for a combination. It dampens your cell phone and keep it dry if you are splashed. The main compartment zips closed. There is also an outside pocket. The strap is long, so that it hangs approximately at the level of the hip. If a child is going to be the door, you can tie the strap to shorten up. There is enough room inside for a cell phone or a small digital camera, keyboard, ID card or other accessories. The phone holder could be particularly useful at the beach or traveling. The holder of the mobile phone card is made of high quality plastic. This car holder is designed to be a phone with its adjustable phone holder that is covered with foam to prevent scratching and also designed to include the car’s interior design. The holder is easily mounted on the windshield with the suction cup locking that provides security and stability. The flexible pedestal shaft 6 inches provides a constant view of your phone.


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