Cell Phones Deaf Cellular Data Only Plans


Fortunately, some of the major US cellular providers now offer only data plans that can be purchased without a voice plan required. T-Mobile offers a Sidekick data plan that offers unlimited email, messaging, web browsing and instant messaging for only $29.99/month. AIM comes installed on the phone and users can download Yahoo! Messenger. Users can also synchronize its three POP3 email accounts to your mobile phone and they get a free account tmail.com 6 MB of storage. voice calls, if any, should be taxed 20 cents / minute.

AT&T offers the iPhone Text Accessibility Plan (TAP). This plan includes unlimited SMS, unlimited data use (email, Internet), as well as $40/month for voicemail. But voice calls are paid 40 cents per minute. AT&T website shows that potential users must complete the disability certification form signed with the activation of the iPhone through iTunes regularly, then contact AT&T National Center for Customers with Disabilities to change their services to the TAP plan for iPhone. Availability is rare in Alaska, and parts of the western United States.

Sprint provides relay data plan. The month plan $29.99/month gives unlimited email, Internet access, instant messaging, messaging (SMS), and unlimited phone as a modem. Incoming and outgoing calls are blocked, so as to avoid unnecessary costs. This unit can be removed by user calls and voice, then you have to pay 20 cents per minute long distance, local calls and 40 cents/minute. Users can get this plan a little more Sprintrelaystore.com site.

US Cellular provides one data plan. They have a standard plan for $24.95/month, allowing an unlimited number of text messages and, if necessary, the voice roaming for 25 cents per minute in the area and 69 cents per minute. For those interested in a credit agreement or checks on the plan, they also offer a pre-paid plan. $24.95/month This plan also provides users unlimited text messages, but all voice calls are charged 50 cents per minute and 69 cents in the area of homelessness.

For those who want additional data services, US Cellular offers a Blackberry plan that provides unlimited text messaging and $14.95 email and Internet service for $44.95/month additional. But voice calls are charged 99 cents per minute. Users not only get text messages, but Yahoo! Messenger, GoogleTalk Messenger, BlackBerry Messenger, as well as the ability to assign up to 10 POP3 email accounts personal. The final offer is the plan of their Windows Mobile, which offers unlimited text messages $14.95/month and Windows Mobile email and additional $29.95 Internet. Users of the Microsoft OS with Internet Explorer web browsing, instant messaging MSN, and the ability to assign up to eight messages and e-mail accounts.

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