Free Cell Service


The cellular service and cell phones are probably the most advertised items this shopping season. It does not matter if you spend the evening watching TV, flipping through the newspaper, or surf the Internet, wireless ads seem to dominate the media.
And there’s a good reason for it. Almost everyone is sold on the wireless. In fact, I do not know anyone who does not own a cell phone. Many people are now replacing their traditional phone with a cordless phone.

Now, a cell phone can do a number of tasks from calls to text messaging, Internet, music, contact management, GPS, and more. Cell phones seem to be the product of a recession-proof. I’ve seen people lose their incomes, losing their homes, losing their cars, but they still have their cell phone.

With the constant increase in demand for cell phones has come intense price competition for cellular service plans. Each carrier is working hard to position itself at a lower price than the competition.

Lightyear Wireless can save you a lot of money. Their first wireless plan with unlimited calls, text and Web is only $59.99 per month. It is a plan nationally on a 3G network. What I really want is that their plan requires no contract, no credit check and no deposit. You can add their international calling plan with 1000 minutes for only $9.99. I found this to be cheaper than other suppliers. In addition, they now have a plan where you can get free cell service! What’s the catch? There really is not one. Refer just few friends…or even people you do not know. Show them how to become customers, and you get free cellular service. If you are a company representative, you should refer three others to qualify. If you are a customer, you only need to refer 5 new clients. It is easy for anyone to get free cell service!

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