How To Save Prepaid Cell Phone


There are some tips for saving money on your prepaid cell phone bills:

Do not sign long-term contract. For mobile phone contract long term, pay for services, no matter how you use it. Almost all of the prepaid cell phone plan allows you to roll over your minutes, you still have to pay an annual or bi-monthly payments your phone is active, but if you move or decide that you do not have telephone service, you can leave at any time you want.

Do not answer your phone. Often, if I am close to the ground line that I do not answer my phone, and I’ll call, who called me back from a land line. I call using your cell phone as a pager, but it works perfectly for me. I use my prepaid telephone messages to not talk for long.

A text message instead of calling. Often it will cost half a minute, or third minute text message. If you use text to communicate, rather than the rest, it could easily be an inexpensive way to get a message that someone. With the price of text in different Tracfone phones are different, when it costs .5, .5 units units, and when he is free to enter and .5 units and when it is .3 .3 units and units.

Join a voice message on your phone. Voice mail is a great time waster antenna. The time you spend getting your voicemail box will burn a lot of prepaid minutes. Just use the phone number, caller ID and call them back. Some people will leave voice messages in the long term, and certainly not to say anything. If you are good at calling people back, it’s not so annoying to people, if they can not leave a message.

Put all the people I know in your contact file. It is really easy to find the person calling, and call them or not.

Do not put a lot of prepaid minutes on your phone. I think when I have to use a lot of minutes, I use a lot more minutes. If I do have a lot of time left, I will stretch further. Instead of burning silver cell phone minutes, I prefer to buy another six-pack — Coca-Cola, of course.

Larger amounts minutes. This is totally contrary to my last proposition with some prepaid providers, you get much better than a minute, if you buy a big name. T-Mobile gives you a better deal. If you spend time, $100 Tracfone also take less minutes. If you buy large denominations. Use Tracfone bonus codes.

Discover the new prepaid phone. Before installing many minutes, your new phone to use the phone a bit. If you put a lot of minutes on your new phone, and then discover that it is not good coverage where you want to use, you can not get a refund on the minutes. Most prepaid companies refund the purchase price of your equipment to the cost of telephone service.

Getting VoIP services to their landlines, so all your local and long distance calls will be a price. Many people use their cell phone to make all your long distance phone calls and use your minutes that way. If you use a prepaid cell phone minutes to roll over so you do not use them. Landline VOIP can cost less than $100 a year for free. Additional services included in tone. Fixed VoIP is one of the best current offers on service. Often VoIP calls land line are much easier to hear than a mobile phone.

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