How to Send Photos to a Mobile Phone


There are many options when you want to send photos to a cell phone from the Internet. As long as the mobile phone with a browser, you should be able to easily transfer images through different types of websites. Before you start sending pictures on the cell phone, make sure you understand what the cell phone service plan charges for data transfers. Some pictures can be very large files, which can become very expensive if you transfer multiple photos at once.

Send images via webmail. One of the simplest ways to send photos to a cell phone from the Internet using the webmail. Most email providers allow you to connect to your personal e-mail through specific websites. Once you are logged in, all you have to do is attach the image to an email and send the email to the cell phone. If the phone directly receives an email, the phone user can open the e-mail and download the image right away. If the phone receives only text, then you will need to find the text address to send emails as text. Anyway, the phone will download the image as it is received.

Use social networking sites. The growing popularity of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have made it easier than ever to share photos between the Internet and phones mobile. Just download the pictures you want to share on your favorite social networking site, and allow friends to access. When someone looks at the images using their mobile phone, they can open the image on the site and choose to download it using the options in the phone browser. Usually, clicking on an image will give you the opportunity to download on your phone.

Post photos on photo album sites. There are also online sites that are dedicated to hosting and sharing photos. These sites allow you to download an unlimited number of photos and show them to your friends and family. If you wish to transfer photos to a cell phone from the Internet, there is a similar process to download from networking sites. All you have to do is to access the image from the phone’s browser and then select the download option from the browser options. The picture will download directly to the phone and be available to use as wallpaper or other decorative elements in the ability of the phone.

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