International Cell Phones


National or local US cell phones are not compatible in other parts of the world for a number of reasons, and some of them are not related to technology. It may just come down to inflexible service plans offered by carriers. First, the radio frequencies and encoding services can be different in the two companies, even those in the US.

Even in the US, your phone does not work on the competitor’s frequency unless there is a cross-billing agreement between the two companies concerned. This problem is exacerbated when more than one country is involved.

If you want a cell phone that will work in the US and Europe as well, you should be ready to buy a tri-band phone which will work on 900 Hz, 850 Hz and 1900 Hz. This should play in most parts of the world. It is important to purchase the correct tri-band cell phone, as some are missing one of the American players.

In addition to simple phones and dual-band, triple band was followed by a quad band.

Once you purchase the right phone for US and satellite services, you also need signs to use the Internet; you must log in with one of the service providers who can use the GSM network. Only three suppliers in the United States have a GSM service Cingular and T-Mobile.

Even if you buy the services of these two companies and the purchase of a tri-band phone, some of the companies routinely lock off so you can not call outside the network of another competitor . You may find it very difficult to persuade Cingular, for example to unlock your phone when you need it abroad.

International cell phones are increasingly popular as people and businesses continue to travel globally. Millions of new global mobile phones will be sold online and by cell local dealers. People can also purchase international cell phones from local resellers who are often more cost effective than buying a cell at retail. Do you have new options to buy international phone providers like new ZERO1 Communications, for example. The costs are often quite close or even lower for international cell phones for mobile phones low domestic power.

You can of course buy abroad, but will face the same compatibility issues in reverse once you return to the U S. You will find also spend an excessive amount time organizing for buying abroad.

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