Jamming Coverage Cell Phone Jammer


Bluetooth (Bluetooth), was launched in 1998 a new wireless transmission, replace the data cable is actually communication technology without short-range wireless, produced by the low bandwidth radio point-to-point or multipoint connection between the information exchange. This network model is also known as the private network space (PAN, PersonalAreaNetwork), is more sophisticated micro-network or Bluetooth driver master / slave to build a web-based Mini, each micro-network consists of eight devices 255 assets and fixing structure, and several micro-link and form a network to expand the network to quickly and easily reach communication between different types of equipment. It is the wireless transmission standards for voice and open data is a low cost, wireless connectivity technology at close range. Mobile phone jammer is environmentally friendly.

The spirit is the short-range Bluetooth signal transmission, the transmission distance is less than 10 meters (infrared transmission distance in meters or less). In the signal amplifier by means of the communication distance, and even up to 100 meters. When you work as a Bluetooth headset for mobile phones to communicate properly, the transmission power of the transmitted signal. Bluetooth headset on the logo is used to indicate the intensity of a signal, as CLASS2 4dBm, the equivalent of 1.49 mW. Bluetooth headset works supplied by the battery under normal working conditions to the headphone output voltage. Generally are about 5V. Widely used in the Bluetooth specification 1.1 mature version bandwidth of about 1Mbps, the latest version 1.2 of the specification was officially approved, future versions will reach 2 Mbps. cell phone jammer can be used indoors and outdoors.

Suite can drive two different devices to communicate. To accomplish communication, these devices must have the same package. The same as the computer’s reader suite for the software in the communication equipment. Kit using Bluetooth to establish a connection to communicate. If the equipment without the same package, you can not communicate with each other. Cell Phone Jammer is steel frame.

The Bluetooth technology in the 2.4 GHz ISM global generic (Industry, Medical Sciences) (,, industrial scientific medical) band, debit Bluetooth data 1 Mb/s. Theoretically speaking, tape technology ISM 2.45 GHz can execute within 30 m of the equipment connected to the other, transfer rate up to 2Mb/s, but in fact difficult. Application of Bluetooth technology “plonk and play” concept, somewhat similar to “plug and play” concept, once the search for a Bluetooth device to another Bluetooth device, we can immediately establish contact, without parameters of user, you can interpreted as “the same that is used. “This environment is very noisy radio environments, it is even more obvious advantages. Another advantage of Bluetooth is that it applies coherent set global frequency, eliminating barriers” border” while in the field of cellular mobile phones, this obstacle has been plagued users for many years. The gain of GSM/DCS omnidirectional antenna cell phone 1-2dBi.


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