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Use of mobile phone while driving.

According to studies in the United States, there is more incidence of traffic accidents caused by cell phone use while driving. They equate the proceedings to driving while intoxicated. In some parts of the world, it is completely forbidden to use. There are even other studies that show that hands-free phones are not much safer as well. In other European countries, mobile phones are very discouraged.

The use of mobile phones threatens security. In most cases, mobile phones are the media to identity theft. As mentioned in Wikipedia, it is due to “sweep” by which third parties in the region could intercept and eavesdrop on calls. Another point is that the analog phones can also be played on some radio scanners. This should be a warning to all cell phone users; we must be very careful in our use of our cell phones. We could enjoy all the services of these innovations offer, but we must ensure that we protect and untoward results.

The use of mobile phones in aircraft. It is a general knowledge that the use of mobile phones while you are in an aircraft is impossible. All this from a rooted way back incident in 2000 when it aired an aircraft crashed due to a use of the passenger cell phone. Studies indicate that cell phones and other mobile devices can be used to detonate improvised explosive devices remotely. Although there is not much evidence about it again, it was an internationally known policy not use cell phones in flight.

These are very important points to note. Although some of them have no concrete evidence, it must still be taken with caution and importance. There is no harm in doing so.

Mobile phones are useful, but in a sense, be careful. Tao Wireless Online Mobile Store, www.taowireless.com.

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