Pay As You Go Phones


This means a minimum annual charge of nearly $500. In most cases, these plans include some number of free minutes and free calls between phones often carry. and to be sure, it works well for many people. But what if you’re not one of those who want most of the time to call friends or family and get free calls? If you’re one of many people who will use your cell or mobile phone and the opportunity for emergencies, then A Pay as You Go plan can make more sense. These so-called Pay As You Go Plans still carry a monthly fee, but is much less than $40 Take the example Net10. Here, you pay a minimum of 150 minutes per month – or thereabouts. 3 minutes per day.

The cost of each call in the US is 10c a minute (15c per minute and most international calls). This means that your minimum annual expenditure in about $180. IE $320 less. Once you use the minimum requirement of 150 minutes a month to keep your active phone, you can easily add more minutes either online, by toll-free number or to one of their stores, like Walmart, Target or Kmart. By choosing a cell phone plan that is not one big business, many people fear that the service may not be as good, but you can be assured that the coverage of the United States is just as complete. And in the case of Net10, customer service is 24/7.


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