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I have a family ‘split’. Well, in the literary sense. My father is in India, but in another state. My brother is in the UK and my mother is in Kuwait. I had a prepaid connection since I have a cell phone of my own but I rarely find the balance enough to pour my heart to anyone. Each family member claims a share to balance on my phone. And at the end of each conversation, I have to set a reminder to recharge my phone the next day.

Usually, we call that person a member and spread the word and many times, we just stick to messages. It becomes cumbersome because we have to take turns and call everyone without burning a hole in someone’s pocket. So it was a nice surprise when my brother told me that I could try phone chat with him every weekend. And it worked so well last time I made a conscious decision to try with all the people I love have long conversations with.

What you need for this? Many websites offer telephone services and web chat. You just need to create an account, sign in and add your friends. Of course, you need a headset connected to talk to the other person. And to use the web chat, you must have a webcam or cyber cam installed. Your loved ones can be across seas but you can hear them, talk to them and see if you have the loan gadgets. It is really very simple you can also teach your people even not-so-tech-savvy how to use them.

The most attractive aspect of telephone chat lines is that it is free of cost. And it is mostly clear, with little disruption. You can go on chatting for hours and not be worried about minutes, pulses or rates.

Technology has definitely made the world a global village. Chat phone lines are an example of technology at your finger. It not only provides a means of communication to keep in touch with friends and family, but it also keeps you in touch with your customers or clients, helping you professionally.

If you thought was such a conversation cool option, telephone cats are better. It is so convenient that you keep coming back. You can leave voice messages if the other person is not available to chat and it is a great way to make friends. With your voice going through, it is essential to go on typing and you can send your messages with ease and clarity.

Another important aspect of these chat lines that you do not necessarily need to have a computer to do it. Many mobile phones allow online chat on them. You just have to register to the GPRS service with your service provider. And there, friends and family are just a little further.

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