Prepaid Phones From Alltel


These plans come with a variety of phones that offer a variety of features. Prepaid phones on offer by Alltel differ from state to state. Depending on the package you choose, you choose the prepaid phone has features that include SMS, MMS, email access, web browsing in addition to receiving or sending voice messages. Another option is downloading ringtones you like. This feature has found great favor with the younger subscribers.

Benefits of prepaid phones Alltel. Make long distance calls for free and international calling services are also available, but only for Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico . What makes these attractive Alltel prepaid phones is that you pay as you go. You only pay for the calls you make and there is no service charge involved. This is what people prefer more conventional monthly plans.

You have complete control over the number of calls you make and where the money you spend on calls. It also allows you to set a limit on your kids’ phone use – a big relief to parents. You can pick up prepaid phones and plans Alltel directly from them or your local dealers. It is easy because it involves no credit check and no difficult contracts normally put one off. You are also offered easy rates for the most frequently used numbers such as the numbers of your family or close.

First you need to choose the plan that suits you most and then a phone from the large selection available. Wallpapers, instant messages, games, podcasts, you can download all of these. These phones are not very expensive and the price can vary. Some phones are free while others can cost up to several hundred dollars. Some Alltel prepaid premium phones come with extra features such as a camera or Bluetooth compatible device. You can choose from a variety of Blackberry, Motorola, Palm Treo, and LG models. They are durable phones of exceptional quality.

Alltel prepaid plans and phones are supported with efficient customer service. You can access their customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, directly from your prepaid phone without cost to you. You can also contact them through a toll free number or email.

Alltel plans and prepaid phones have already earned the trust of 15 million subscribers and more through the 36 US states.

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