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Cell Phones for Seniors

This is not to say a man age 30 should not have a self-defense means at your fingertips but merely the average man is much more likely to handle themselves in a physical altercation compared to a woman. Most modern hearing aids include two modes: acoustic coupling (microphone setting) as well as the telephone connection …

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Do The Jitterbug – Cell Phones For Seniors

One of the main problems of the first was the Jitterbug in the ability to call 911 outside your calling area. This matter was finally resolved. The most important selling point for the Jitterbug J is simplicity. This cell phone has no wild characteristics and any part of it is easy to use. It comes …

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Easy To Use Jitterbug Cell Phone for Seniors

The first time I have heard of Jitterbug cell phone of one of my closest friends, I thought of the pure and simple it was. It reminded me of a simple home phone. I decided to give it a try after having problems with my over the top cell phone technology. I remember the first …

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