Good Reasons To Use Prepaid Mobile Phone


While smart phones are great, they are not always the smartest thing to do for those who want nothing more than a text message or call someone when they want speak. They have no desire to try games, listen to music and surf the web. If all you need is a simple phone, over a proposed law that lowest consider getting the pay as you go cell phone.

They are pre pay phones you can look at one of your groceries you head. They are very simple looking and most are not even able to get in the Internet, but there are several that do. The best thing about these is that you will be the one to decide how much to spend each month because there is no contract you are bound to.

So, pay as you go cell phones function by purchasing the phone you want and buy a card that is full of minutes. The phone will often cost around $50 – $100 depending on what you want. The card will not cost as much depending on how many minutes you get.

You will need to get a separate card if you have the type of phone that can allow text messages or access the Internet. Clearly the most features, it has the most money you might need to go. Yet you can still pay $50 a month if you use it wisely.

Once you have the card it will have a code in the back you’ll have to use to fill the minutes. These minutes can last as long as you want them to be. However, when you run you’ll need to buy more in order for it to make calls or text messages on your pay as you go cell phone.

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