Unlimited Cell Phone Review Plan


Let me tell you, I find that the cell phone plans are not created equal. What we understand society as a “unlimited” plan may not be the next company that understands.
Here is a review of what I found.

Sprint, in my opinion, has the best unlimited plan. Their plan is simply Everything SM top. This plan includes: Unlimited Talk: unlimited minutes total time, domestic long distance and no unlimited itinerary assumptions expenses: Web browsing, e-mail, BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS), GPS navigation, music, Prime TV, NFL Mobile Live, Sprint Cup Mobile SM NASCAR Unlimited Direct Connect: Direct Connect and Group Connect (for capable phones) Unlimited messaging: Text, images and video. So, it not only includes unlimited minutes, but the data, GPS, and messaging as well. You get all this for Pricing: $99.99 per month. Not so with the following cell phone companies, which is very disappointing.

Verizon has the next best plan, but it is more expensive. For $139.99 per month, you get: Unlimited calls with anyone on any network in the United States. Unix Text unlimited, photos, video & messaging, instant Mobile Email, VCAST VPak (for hours of streaming content directly to your phone anywhere in the V CAST coverage area and access to over 2 million songs to download.) VZ Navigator (to the power of GPS navigation system on your phone) Unlimited Mobile Web. Then comes T-Mobile and AT&T Wireless, which start at $99.99 per month for unlimited voice calls, but then begin the additional costs for data (which is required with some phones), GPS, etc.

$99.99 Plan unlimited T-Mobile covers: Unlimited Nationwide Unlimited Anytime MinutesĀ® Messages: text, image, video, and IM. With T-Mobile, if you want the data, it can cost up to $34, $99 per additional month, based on the phone you select. I do not see packets for GPS. So I’m not sure if this would be an additional burden or not.

And finally, just AT&T, who loves to pile on loads. AT&T $99.99 per month unlimited plan covers: Minutes at any time and unlimited. If you want data, expect to pay as much as $30.00 per month (based on the telephone – some phones have a requirement of the data packets). For unlimited text messaging, it will be another $20.00 per month. GPS will be an additional $9.99 per month. Oh, and if you want detailed billing so you can see what phone numbers to call where, when and for how long, it will be an additional $1.99 per month.

So to sum all of that.

Sprint gives you everything you need, for $99.99 per month with no additional charges for anything.

Verizon will give you everything you need, but for almost $40.00 more, at $139.99 per month.

T-Mobile can cost you up to $134.98 per month for everything.

And AT&T will cost the modest sum of $161.97 to get all the bells and whistles.

Now, some people may not mind the extra costs to eventually get better service and whatnot. But if you’re looking for the least expensive option overall, Sprint is the way to go.

I hope you found this review useful telephone Unlimited Plan.


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